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You protect your home and vehicle. Why not your income? Illness or injury can happen to anyone—and you need to be prepared for how to sustain an income if and when that happens. Because your lifestyle and family depend on your income, it’s important to regularly review your goals by preparing for any possible outcome. 

Start by asking yourself:

  • How will I pay the bills if I become sick or injured?
  • How will my savings and investment programs be impacted if I no longer have a steady paycheck?
  • Is a one in four chance of becoming severely ill or disabled worth insuring?
  • Which would have more of an economic impact on my family: death or disability?
  • What's my definition of disability? Is it the same as my insurance carrier's definition?

Sit down with one of our specialists for a review of your current financial plan. We’ll give you advice you can trust to safeguard your future. 


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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck.